Okay, these are the pics that didn't fit on the ashgasp page, and Certain People wouldn't let me delete the ACS photos, so I had to move these here.

A picture (or two) of all the GASPers, including Tony. Left-right, we have me, Sonja, Elyse, ASH (duh :), Mary, and Aliesha with her awesomely adorable little baby. Oh, and don't blame us if we were looking in the wrong direction - there were about ten cameras going off at once and we never knew where to look.

Alyson (Willow, middle) with Sonja (left) and me (right).

Me with ASH, the first night. Woo-hoo. Adorable, isn't he?

I don't like the way I look in this one, but I just thought I could make some people jealous :)

(All pictures copyright me, taken at Seattle ConRad 97, please don't copy without my permission, etc. etc. Last updated 11/24/97)